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Swindon Borough Council


Employment Law and Intellectual Property seminar for Business Owners

Thursday 1 February 2018  |  09:30 to 12.30

 Steam Museum, Swindon SN2 2EY

Avensure will be discussing topics such as:

  • Dealing with sickness and absenteeism as well as changes to employee disciplinary procedures
  • Essential how-to guide on handling employee dismissals and settlements.
  • Defining exactly what is a misconduct/gross misconduct offence and how to proceed once identifying the issue.
  • Implementing social media policies at work as well as mobile phone usage.

Swindon Borough Council will be covering:

  • A new Business Engagement and Retention Service.
  • Exactly what the service is and how it will benefit businesses in the Swindon area.
  • Providing accessible advice to a wide range of business.
  • Signposting to the right support for your business.
  • Including sector specific programmes and access to funded support.

Intellectual Property Office will provide:

  • Every Business owns IP. What IP does your business own?
  • How IP can create value from their ideas, turning inspiration into sustainable business success workshop.
  • A brief overview of how IP impacts your business.


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