TEN’s overarching aim is to facilitate the growth of businesses within the Wiltshire and Swindon regions, providing working and meeting spaces, professional business advice and support. In particular, it provides an incubation environment for new and smaller businesses, equipping them with the facilities and skills they need to face the business challenges ahead.

TEN’s main targets

The specific targets for TEN include:

  • Supporting 150 resident businesses and 300 networked rural businesses
  • Creating up to 200 jobs over the first three years
  • Indirectly creating additional jobs in the rural hinterland of 0.48 – 1.5 times those directly created (i.e. up to 300 jobs)

Additional aims

In addition, The Enterprise Network aims to raise the entrepreneurial confidence and ambition of the rural community and military dependents through:

  • Changing cultural attitudes towards self-employment and business creation
  • Raising entrepreneurial confidence through demonstrating achievements
  • Inspiring innovation and collaboration
  • Increasing female participation rates – both self-employment and employment

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TEN's key sectors

TEN’s target industry (employment) sectors include:

  • Engineering/technical
  • Security services including guarding and access
  • Management/technician in IT/communications sectors
  • Transport/logistics
  • Defence industry
  • Construction