What’s on offer at The Old Fire Station Enterprise Centre

Office space is available for anyone who meets our conditions.

The office space options we can offer your business are:

Like all of the TEN centres, we offer easy in-easy out terms and reasonable prices – see our price list.

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The Old Fire Station Enterprise Centre provides affordable office space in the heart of the historic city of Salisbury. Like other TEN Enterprise centres, it offers a range of offices, business support and affordable costs. However, its city centre location adds an extra attraction for new and growing businesses: it’s an area with great footfall. Also, local organisations such as the Federation of Small Businesses and Chamber of Commerce use its space to host business meetings and networking events.

We have two great Meeting Rooms for you as well.  So we are an ideal central location for you, your office and for potential clients or training you wish to hold at the Centre.  You’ll also get a substantial 20% discount on use our meeting rooms if you are a Co-worker and 50% for Full Tenants.

Don’t forget you’ll have on-site support, invitation to business and networking meetings and help accessing all of TEN’s support.

The centre is home to a vibrant and diverse group of tenants and service users. Together with helpful staff and the individual feel of the building, this makes for a fertile ground for any new businesses looking to learn and develop.

Salisbury is served by excellent transport links and, of course, our tenants benefit from no shortage of places to eat or shop.

About the Old Fire Station Enterprise Centre

Constructed in the early twentieth century, the building originally housed Salisbury’s ambulance station and was adjacent to the police station. It was decommissioned in 1965. Evidence of the building’s history is apparent throughout. Most obviously, this is seen in the fire service crest on our brick door lintel, but also in the original tiles seen in the networking space and plaques marking local dignitaries. In addition, the meeting room’s convex floor reflects its former function as the pump room. This provided run off when the tenders were washed down.

All this adds up to an individual, distinctive environment in which to work.

Meet Our Tenants

“Having your own office is such a major step forward for any new business – and it gets me out from under my wife’s feet at home!”
Andy Rogers
Totally Living Care Ltd